#38 Six of my students in the Master of Integrated Care Design received their master degree on September 4th

On September 4th, -partly life, partly online-, the diplomas have been awarded to the students from the two year Master of Integrated Care Design.    Three of them I have been guiding in their thesis. Together with three others in July that makes six new alumni of mine.

The last assignment of the master program is to write a scientific article on the traject design they have been working on for the last, second year. The articles with a score above 7.5 on a ten-point scale are considered for adjustment to real publication. In my case three of the articles have been selected, written by Willemijn Irvine, Tessa Augustijn, and Laura van der Weijden. Laura also received the Van Der Linge Award for her report on the implementation of the intervention. I am proud to have been their supervisor.

Tessa Augustijn listening to a word of recognition and congratulations

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