#74 Internal Technical Audit on Clinical Guidelines at SMMC

As part of the project development objectives for the Resiliency and Preparedness World Bank project from Sint Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC), a Technical Audit is held from July 17th to August 2nd, 2023. The goal of this audit is to evaluate development of and adherence to SMMC’s clinical guidelines (CG’s).

(Mademi Velland, internal auditor; Everard van Kemenade, lead auditor and Dionne Williams-David Quality manager Q&S department)

The audit was executed by Mademi Velland, internal auditor department Quality & Safety from SMMC and Everard van Kemenade, as external consultant.  And heavily supported by the Q&S department.

The audit consisted of desk research, patient tracers and semi-structured interviews with staff members of different professions as stakeholders of the clinical guidelines. The audit went well, thanks to the cooperation of many, behind the scenes and of course of the interviewees.

In this audit the first five CG’s have been audited. More audits are planned for next year. Each audit will provide SMMC with a list of recommendations, quick wins and desirables, translated into ‘SMART’ Corrective Action Plans. The Quality and Safety department will monitor that the action points from this audit are carried out.


#73 Two articles on Quality in Vietnamese higher education published.

In the June 2023 issue of the  Vietnamese Journal of Education two articles have been published on research about Quality in Higher Education that I’ve conducted the last few months.  The first is about quality culture, especially in complex environments like Vietnam and the second about the fitness of international research for use in the Vietnamese context.

Quality management is my first passion. I worked on improvement of organisations and people within in education and healthcare my whole working life and still.

In 2004 I was asked to support a Vietnamese team of teachers in higher education on their quality journey. The years thereafter I visited the country more than ten times. I fell in love with the country and the Vietnamese people and developed my second passion: working on quality in an international context. Since then I try to keep up with the developments in Vietnam and in Vietnamese Higher Education in particular. The highly valued researcher Cuong Huu Nguyen from Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh City, supports me greatly in that attempt. He co-authored the second article.

In doing so, I hope to keep contributing to continuous improvement in higher education and healthcare, especially in Vietnam.


#70 Two day Situational Leadership training appreciated!

On March 28th and 29th a two day training took place on Situational Leadership. Participants came from Holland House Beach Hotel, Mental Health Foundation and White and Yellow Cross.
The interactions were vivid, for instance on ‘what keeps you awake at night’. The evaluation of the training showed how satisfied the participants were with the training. The course was rated 9,45 on a ten point scale.  Someone said to be pleased with the knowledge and materials provided. “The training surely exceeded my expectations”. Another expressed she was “happy that I got the oppportunity to attend. I learned a lot, that I can implement and that will surely help me in my job”. Sitting with different leaders from different organisations was mentioned to be ‘a very fruitful experience’.