#34 Emerald #LiteratiAward


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#42 Key note presentation at conference in Hanoi

On 25th of October I will present a keynote speech at the 1st international conference on Assessment and Measurement in Education (VietAME). New trends in student assessment and quality assurance.  The topic is Capacity building of internal and external auditors in the complex adaptive system of Higher Education in Vietnam. I will focus on The Emergence Paradigm in Higher Education and in the Hed audit system (Mô hình mới nổi trong Giáo dục Đại học và trong hệ thống đánh giá GDĐH).  A pdf of my presentation goes hereby. After the conference I will come back to you on this issue in another blog.


#41 Not the truth, but our book is out there!

In blog #35 I already mentioned that the book that Em. prof. Teun W. Hardjono and I wrote on quality paradigms would be published this year. Well, the process went faster than expected: the book is for sale. 

The book is out there. We definitely want to stress that we do not think having found the truth.  We do not claim to have a monopoly on wisdom, but we wish to make a contribution to the dialogue about quality. Starting ten years ago, Teun and I (and others) went on a journey to search why the existing quality paradigms couldn’t cover all, couldn’t provide all the answers to the current complexity in organisations. Specifically we searched for a new quality paradigm that could. We stand up for the Emergence Paradigm that might lead to radical innovation (see preview).

We do want to claim the book is out-there. It might not be very extreme, but it is unusual. Complexity science that forms the backbone of the Emergence Paradigm, exists for over twenty years now, but has had little application in quality management research, let alone in practice.

Unfortunately, the price of € 119,89 (or € 93,08 for the e-book version) might be an obstacle for purchasing it.  However, for  innovative managers, quality researchers and students, quality officers, strategy and policy makers our journey through the ideas of quality might be very interesting.


#40 Contribution to the trawl of EHFF members’ passions.

For a few years, I am a member of the European Health Futures Forum. The forum emerged out of a special interest group on the future of health that was constituted in Lisbon in 2010, under the aegis of the European Society for Quality in Healthcare. I very much support their mission and vision, influenced by the Foresight Triangle.

(Figure 1: see European Foresight Platform).

I consider the EHFF to be an important 21st-century think tank on the future of health.  Follow them on twitter.  Receive their newsletter.  In the last edition no 6 September 2020 my contribution to what EHFF’s network director David Somekh calls “the trawl of members’ passions”.



#39 Presentation on Paradigms in Integrated Care at ICIC 2020 conference.

On September 9th Wilma van der Vlegel and I presented at the ICIC Virtual conference 2020 a summary of our article Exploring the quality paradigms in integrated care: the need for emergence and reflection, that we have written together with Marjolein van der Vlegel and that has been sent to the International Journal for Integrated Care for review.  

Technical problems prevented us to show the video that we prepared for the session. The powerpoint that was presented goes hereby: ICIC 2020 6th of September nr 25 Exploring the quality paradigms in Integrated Care the need for emergence and reflection.  Hereby the video we made for the presentation.