#46 Presentation on Emergence and New Organising. The case of the Master of Integrated Care Design

On February 4th Marlou de Kuiper, Ruben van Zelm and Everard van Kemenade presented the Master of Integrated Care Design as a case for emergence and new organising in a meeting of the LNKZ (national network of quality managers in higher education). The power point (in Dutch) goes hereby. The case is also described in English in our book: Hardjono, T. W. and Van Kemenade, E.A. (2020), The Emergence Paradigm in Quality Management. A way Towards Radical Innovation, Cham: Springer.

#45 SYNERGY summit in cooperation with Baptist Health International and fifth SYNERGY meeting

On January 21st 2020 the fifth SYNERGY meeting will take place. Because of Corona it will be a digital event.

Caroline van Oost,  managing director of Inspired Psychology Practice and Consultancy will be one of the keynote speakers. She will talk about social and psychological effects of the Corona virus. Bart van der Meijden, the White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation Communication Coordinator will go into the way WYCCF has communicated in the last month on the virus.

The meeting starts with a cooperation between Baptist Health International and SYNERGY in a BHI/SYNERGY summit. Gilberto Torrez-Madriz, M.D. from Baptist Health Florida will be the keynote speaker here on 10 lessons learned form Corona.


#44 New poster, co-created by the client!!!!

In several blog posts before (see #26, #31,#33, and #36) I reported on the Life Story Project at White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation in Sint Maarten.

The idea is to build a narrative of the life of the clients, so caregivers can improve and tailor their services. Training was given to staff to interview the clients. Originally these life stories were just texts with photos. One of the participants in the training suggested to visualise the stories in a poster that is represented in the client’s room. Since then that is the custom.

Recently Esther Simmons and Mimi Hodge interviewed one of the clients of Sister Basilia Centre. They came up with the brilliant idea to invite her to take part in the production of the poster. She typed the story, choose style and letter font, choose the photos, the color of the background and the layout. In other words, the client was in charge of the process!

This element of the life story development fits so well in the Client Centered Approach that the co-creation will be a standard element of the training,  from now. Then, the additional idea of Esther and Mimi to make pictures or a video of the development process of the poster can be  put into practice as well.


#43 Emerald #LiteratiAward


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#42 Key note presentation at conference in Hanoi

On 25th of October I will present a keynote speech at the 1st international conference on Assessment and Measurement in Education (VietAME). New trends in student assessment and quality assurance.  The topic is Capacity building of internal and external auditors in the complex adaptive system of Higher Education in Vietnam. I will focus on The Emergence Paradigm in Higher Education and in the Hed audit system (Mô hình mới nổi trong Giáo dục Đại học và trong hệ thống đánh giá GDĐH).  A pdf of my presentation goes hereby. After the conference I will come back to you on this issue in another blog.