#79 Statistics

People that know me, will be surprised about the content of this post: it is about statistics. I have a feature that counts visits and views of my website. And yes, of course that interests me.

My website had this year up until now 27.539 visitors and 61.682 views. Most views are from the US (20.891). Second is Germany 4811; third China with 4567 views. The Netherlands are sixth with 2064 and Vietnam was tenth with 1346 views.

Most visited were the homepage and for one reason or another post #44….

I need to keep track of this.

#78 Quality in dynamic and complex environments for SUAS two times more

In April I conducted twice for SUAS (formerly Schouten Nelissen University)  a one day workshop on the topic of Quality in dynamic and complex environments. Last group was extremely interesting. Eleven people from different sectors in society came together to discuss, experience and study quality and quality paradigms.

At the end I did a oral evaluation.  They scored the day 8 (out of ten). I used the puppet questions.

Some of the reactions were:

“I will listen more to critical staff in stead of sort of ignoring them”;

“I will mirror the paradigms to certain people”.

“I want to create more open space for people to innovate”.

“I am going to stand more in the shoes of people with another paradigm”.

“I will try to create change more by small, incremental steps”.

“I have to learn to let go of control”.

What else can you as a trainer wish for???


#77 New visit to Sint Maarten for training and coaching.

From 9  till  20 March I gave training at White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) on several topics like communication, feedback and client centred care. Thereafter, I trained the Quality Assurance Committee of the National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA). And I gave coaching to two quality leaders on the island.

The evaluations showed that the participants were very pleased with the trainings and learned a lot, that they can use in their daily practice.  The participants of NIPA gave me scores I never experienced before. All seven mentioned that my teaching competences and subject knowledge were excellent. It makes me proud.

Work hard, but also play hard. I took my friend Chandler from WYCCF to the French side and he kept saying I made his day. He made mine.


#76 One day workshop executed for SUAS on QUALITY IN COMPLEX AND DYNAMIC CONTEXTS.

On December 22nd I provided a workshop for Schouten Nelissen University, now called SUAS, in the master program on Systematic Improvement and Innovation. It was the last lecture in the row and I was able to challenge the students about what they learned. I tried first to create some confusion about what quality is and what works in quality management and what might not.

Then I presented the four quality paradigms (van Kemenade & Hardjono, 2018). With, of course, special attention to the emergence paradigm, so important in current times of unorder. The base was formed by the two booklets I wrote on emergent innovation.

An important part was dedicated to systems theory, system archetypes and systemic transition management.

The nine students were very involved in the matter.  They claim to have learned how important it is to deal with wild or wicked problems and that they received some tools to do so. One student states to have more understanding about the different stages staff might experience in change. Six students scored their satisfaction with an eight (out of ten), three with a seven.  

#75 Contribution to new book published.

On Friday 13th of October the first copy of our book ‘Ondernemen in Zorg en Welzijn’ [Entrepeneurship in Healthcare and Welfare] has been handed over to the editors Lilian Beijer and Roelof Ettema. Together with Marian Adriaansen I wrote a chapter on ‘Entrepreneurship as a competence, also in complex contexts’.  I contributed particularly to the second part of the sentence: entrepeneurship in complex contexts.

I based the chapter on the Medusa principles I already told about several times in these posts. Medusa shows how leadership can facilitate emergence of novelty/innovation. Leadership can Enable, share needs, dream, interact, be context sensitive and adapt.

The book is enriched with videos, examples and take home messages. Unfortunately, at the moment it is only available in Dutch. We hope the book will inspire Dutch professionals and will invite them to deepen their knowledge of the dynamics of entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Welfare.

Zie ook hier.