32# Find your purpose. A workshop for volunteers in The International Award Program for Young People

On Monday, February 3rd a workshop was held in Woudenberg (NL) for 16 volunteers from Bulgaria, Ghana, Lithuania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands, who work on the International Award for Young People. That program seeks to support young people to get to know and explore  their talents.

This workshop was the start of a week with the title Non Formal Learning and Youth Work Methods and was organised by the Dutch Award programme in a Erasmus+-project. The participants were very motivated for helping the youngsters and very much willing to reflect on their own behaviour. They explored their passion, mission, calling and purpose.   Remarks from the evaluation: The workshop was very useful and revealing; it inspired me to work on my own goals; it was very meaningful. The participants rated the workshop in average 4.3 on a 5 point-scale. Special thanks to Tom Kuijpers who granted me the assignment.

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