#31 First two groups trained in Life Story interview

The first two groups of staff of White And Yellow Cross Care Foundation have been trained in Client Centered Care. Participants came from all over the organisation, nursing, but also laundry, kitchen, facility management. The idea is that every staff member can make a difference in a resident’s life.

Important part of the training was the Life Story Guide (see blog #26). Participants interviewed in groups of two a resident about his/her past, about what he or she likes now and even about a bucket list. Preferences about food, activities and music were inventoried, so in future we can better fulfil the needs and wishes of the clients or rather we can delight them!!! The plan is to summarise the most important topics out of the life story on a poster that then can be stuck on a wall in the resident’s room. Resident’s were very happy that they were asked and the interviewers learned a lot they did not know about them.

Two more groups of staff will follow in March 2020.


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