#48 More Reflection and Emergence in Integrated Care

This week Wilma van der Vlegel-Brouwer, Marjolein van der Vlegel and I witnessed the publication of our article in the International Journal for Integrated Care,  just before the start of the ICIC-conference.

Our article is called “Exploring the Quality Paradigms in Integrated Care: The Need for Emergence and Reflection” and that is exactly what it is about. An editorial in which we cooperated has already been published before on the same issue. Main statement is, that the current times of uncertainty and complexity require more reflexivity and emergence.

In the coming weeks on the 10th of May during the ICIC conference at 16.30 Dutch time a workshop will be held on the reflexivity part. This will be co-facilitated by Marlou de Kuiper. The title is: Removing the roadblocks on the way to Integrated Care: a perspective workshop on reflexivity. A Personalised Integrated Care Approach Workshop.  See for the introduction: ppt IFIC 2021

On May 26th from 17.00-18.00 hours a discourse session will be held during the same conference with the title collaborative deliberation. The topic is: do we need new ways of communication for integrated care? Why ? Or why not? Host: Marlou de Kuiper. Co-hosts Everard van Kemenade and Ruben van Zelm.

We are excited about it!!!

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