#3 ACT Guidelines for auditors


Standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI) are popular, also in Long Term Care organisations, also in the Caribbean. Often these standards are used for internal auditing. The JCI standards from the original first edition for long term care organisations appear to be quite complicated and too formal for daily use. White and Yellow Cross at Sint Maarten asked me to develop a simple, but effective guideline for internal auditors, easy to use in the Caribbean context, based on JCI standards. I’d like to thank everyone who worked with me on this project, especially the internal auditors from White and Yellow Cross that provided me valuable insights that made it possible for me to develop to this document.

A sample of the document can be found here.  Reactions are welcome.

#2 Feelings about Sint Maarten

Sint Maarten has been heavily damaged by the hurricane Irma last month. I feel strongly connected to the people that I have been working with the last few years. I wish everybody the strenght  and wisdom to cope with this disaster. I have the trust that the people of Sint Maarten can keep their hopes up to improve what needs to be improved.

At the end of this month I am scheduled for a training at Sint Eustatius. On transit I hope to visit Sint Maarten.



Without a preset plan on the way to a new horizon

Healthcare Organisations are continuously developing. They developed their focus from control, through continuous improvement towards commitment in a quality culture. However, I’d like to pose here, breakthrough  change in healthcare as well as education institutes is still needed.

More and more this change will be unplanned, emergent. McKinsey and Company did research under 2200 managers in healthcare. Seventy  % of these indicate that their strategic planning failed. And the same goes for other sectors.

Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner state that there is more and more proof that Western  sequential planning processes  are less effective in rapidly changing contexts. Does the Plan-Do-Check-Act-cycle work well enough in cases like that? And what else do we need?